You wonder why this was not a thing before but here you are.

The Cold

There exists a cold, brought on by cold rain on a overcast day or humid cold that creates ice crystals on the jacket one is using to stay warm; this cold seeps through the layers of jackets, or bundles of blankets into and past the bones, into the heart and soul. This cold is not easily dispelled, it is not dissuaded by cup of cocoa and a blanket, or a fiery hearth. This cold sticks around despite whatever physical warmth you experience, sitting like an icicle in the center of your chest, right where the breast bone meets, below the skin.

When this happens there are only a few ways to prevent the spread of this inward creeping cold. One way is to drink a lot of hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. Out of a Mason Jar held close to the chest works best I’ve found. Drink 3-4 cups worth whilst holding tightly with your hands. The warm water from the Jar spreads through your hands onto your chest, while the apple-cider vinegar and lemon help spread the warmth on the inside. Done over the course of an hour, this will disperse the cold throughout the body making it more manageable by conventional warming methods. Cuddle under a blanket with some cocoa and watch a nice movie to fully recover.

The second way I know of to dispel the ice in the soul is a more difficult one. When experiencing a coldness as deep as I am describing it often creates the tendency to stay by ones self and deal with it on the lonesome, but this just helps the cold, more often then not, and one must seek the company of friends to prevent the slow creep of the cold. Friends that you can sit down with over a cup of coffee and share memories of good times and current events with, a friend you can spend hours with and never get tired of. This time plus a good cup of coffee and a slice of pie are the second way to dispel the cold incarnate.

It happens rarely, but those who experience it know deeply of the cold and the loneliness and sorrow it can bring. It is important that one recognizes the effects early on and is able to stave off whatever is causing the cold to spread inside whether its external or internal as once it sets in, its difficult to remove.