You wonder why this was not a thing before but here you are.

Groove Spoon

A spoon with some serious groove. Hard to understand, hard to comprehend, but still a Groove Spoon none the less. The Groove Spoon is here to bring you and set you down. To make you feel free from the burdens of general cutlery dynamics, the harshness of a fork, the ambiguity of the spork, the uninspired knife.

We are here to funk you up, to groove you down. The Groove Spoon will allow you to feel what you want to feel, say what you want to say, and express whatever emotion you decided is real

Music, Blogs, Videos. The Grv Spn is revolutionary.

Just a note as I’ve received some emails recently, if you’re here, you are one the more dedicated Vulfpeck fans much like myself, congrats! I myself am just a big fan, and when I saw this old domain, I figured see if it was for sale and it was, I got excited, thought I’d use it as a blog or something with little stories and stuff, and forgot that I didn’t mention, I am not a part of Vulfpeck.

I do love getting y’alls emails though, tell me what your favorite albums and songs are and why! I love Mean Girls and Disco Ulysses myself, both are absolutely amazing instrumentals and so groovy!

One of my favorite fun Vulf facts is that you’ll appreciate if you’re here is that Disco Ulysses was first heard partially here on Vulfmon’s Bandcamp My First Beat! Just thought that was fun.

Stay groovy, stay classy, stay legit y’all!

(P.S) Mr. Stratton if you’re seeing this, I hope I gave your old site the respect it deserves. Hit me up if you want me to change or do anything, it’s all yours.