You wonder why this was not a thing before but here you are.

Showers and Nails

I do not like showering, I do not like to cut my nails. But I like having my nails clean as they get longer and this can most effectively be done in the shower. The shower head in the bathroom is low flow for the environment but with the right settings and covering up a portion of the shower head the perfect amount of pressure can pushed through the shower head so it can be used to clean underneath the finger nails in a way nothing else can.

This is my conundrum, I desire to have clean nails and do not enjoy showering, while showering is also a necessity of life. The solution to my issue here is to shower with the reward in mind of cleaning my nails. It is not the perfect reward system by a long shot but by making myself shower every 1-2 days because my nails get dirty is the perfect excuse and perfect timing for a showering schedule.

There is no moral here, just an observation.